February 5, 2011

Easy, kid-friendly desserts!

I've been bored out of my gourd just hanging around the house this week. Dang blizzard! lol So, I've been cleaning, cooking, and generally making myself useful. I've made 2 quick and easy sweets that kids and grownups alike will enjoy!

*Vanilla dipped oreos

-1 package white candy melt (mine came from baking aisle at big box store, labeled "Make your own almond bark")
-1 package sandwich cookies of choice (I got these awesome candy cane flavored oreo-like cookies at Aldi last month that were great)

Break off 6 squares of the candy melt into a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on high for about 90 seconds, then stir to check progress. Microwave for additional 30 second intervals until all candy is melted and smooth, stirring in between intervals.
Remove candy from microwave. Drop in cookies, one at a time, and coat both sides of cookie. (I use a 2 fork method, where I flop the cookie around with my forks, heap a bunch of coating over the top of the cookie, then lift it out with one fork, tap it on the edge of the bowl to shake off any excessive coating, then scrape the bottom of the cookie fork with the free fork.) Place coated cookies on a piece of foil or wax paper to dry. While the cookie is still wet, you can put sprinkles on to make it purdy. :) 6 squares of candy coating yields about 24 cookies.

*S'mores Treats

-about 9 cups of graham cereal (like Golden Grahams)
-3 tablespoons of butter
-3/4 cup of light corn syrup
-12 oz bag of chocolate chips
-1 teaspoon of vanilla
-2 or 3 cups of mini marshmallows (go for 2 if you like marshmallows, 3 if you love 'em. Any more than that probably won't stick so well.)

Grease a big cookie sheet.
Pour the cereal into a big mixing bowl.
Combine butter, corn syrup and chocolate chips in a saucepan. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until everything has melted and combined thoroughly.
Remove from heat, add vanilla. Pour chocolate mixture over cereal in bowl, stirring quickly to ensure the cereal is thoroughly coated. Add marshmallows and stir more. Turn out onto cookie sheet. Press it into the pan with damp fingers, let it cool, and eat it! nom nom nom

Please share these, so you don't turn into a jigglesaurus. They'll make you really popular! :D

Eat well!
<3 Jen

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