April 17, 2009

What doesn't kill you just might make you stronger.

So, here goes: there's a lot happening right now.

The big thing is that Clint and I want and need different things right now, and have been drifting apart for a very long time now, but have only had the guts to say so to each other in the last month or so. We had several weeks of serious talks with ugly cries, the high points of those being that we realized that we got married with the idea that we were doing it for the other one, to make them happy because they really wanted it. So, we both have been making sacrifices that harbor some resentment, the big ones being Clint wants to move away and find out if he can make any kind of living doing comedy, and I want to stay near my family and friends and finish school for now. I want to start a family before I turn 30, Clint's not sure if he'll ever want that. So, in order to preserve the things that are important to ourselves and each other, chiefmost our respect and admiration of each other, we finally decided last week that we were tired of beating our dead horse and have started the process of filing for divorce. I know, it seems like we are quitting and running away, but we are so tired.

Please don't get ugly and judgmental with us, and realize we are still good friends, so no bashing either.



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