June 8, 2011

It was much funnier before.

So, my dad always gags and will occasionally barf when he smells poo. My brother and I have always thought this was endlessly ridiculous and would give him a hard time. Well, my day has come. I'm petsitting for the next couple of weeks, and I went over this morning, only to find 2 mammoth piles of dog poop. I gagged. I barfed. I got myself together and cleaned it up. I was not happy. Poor Dad, now I get it. lol

Last night, Zach and I ate Salmon Fantasia and cucumber salad (reruns, I know, but easy to eat when it's hot outside). We drank screwdrivers, we watched a movie called The Band's Visit, and ate chocolate hazelnut ice cream(made from coconut milk, but didn't taste like it!). It was fairly glorious!

Screwdrivers are easy to make and even easier to jazz up.

Put 1 shot vodka of your choice (orange vodka, plain vodka, vanilla vodka.... whatever you want) in a glass. Fill it up with ice. Add orange juice (pineapple orange if you're feeling sassy) and stir it up. Good times.

Today, I'll be ultra-lazy and make veggie burgers for dinner. Tomorrow I'll be good and cook, since I'll be off all day. Quitting my teaching job has turned out to be an okay thing so far. I've been in calmer spirits and I see more of Zach. both are very good things. :D

This weekend is tentatively named "Barberpalooza." I have an 8 hour rehearsal to attend on Saturday with the lovely Sooner Sensations Chorus., then it's off to Del City to enjoy a show by the excellent Music Central, featuring special guest Zing! I will sleep when I am dead. lol

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Jasmine Gee said...

haha wow!! I remember the days when I did stuff to my mom that seemed funny... now that I'm a mommy... I feel terrible for doing those things! Mmm veggie burgers sound delish! Good luck on the rehersal, dont over do yourself

:]] if you have time stop by breailicious-boutique.blogspot.com

thanks and take care :]]