November 8, 2011

My life will never slow down. EVER.

It has been hellaciously busy around here. My gal pal Katy and her hubs were here last weekend for the OU vs Texas A&M game, which meant many hours of making the guest room and communal areas tidy and hospitable. Zach got sick, then I did too. My chorus has been planning our fall dinner theater (which is next weekend, BTW). So, there have been quick little throw-together meals, pizza, and my saints of parents offering leftovers tiding us over. The yuckiest part of the semester is just about through, then Zach gets his victory lap and graduates in May. *happy dance!* I wanted to get the happy started by sharing some of my holiday ideas with you all. This will be ongoing, so some recipes, gift ideas, and general funsense will keep the blog going.

This year, my focus will be more on quality and usefulness, with whimsy mixed in.

I usually try to make goody bags for people, containing a variety of edible treats.

This year, I really want to up the ante by making some cherry butter. TG Farms makes and sells some that is to die for. Sadly, they are usually too far for me to go and get any. I am overdue for some cherry butter, so I will attempt to make my own. Fear not, I'll document the process here. :) I'm thinking the recipe and directions found here will do nicely.

Zach and I decided to forgo any big presents for each other this year and will instead take a trip to the Dallas IKEA and get ourselves a new coffee table. Ours is so ugly and doesn't match a single thing in our living room. Plus, road trips with Zach are always fun. :)

That doesn't exclude our advent calendar, stockings, or small gifts, as far as I know...
So, I'm knitting a scarf for Zach, using Knit Picks Gloss heavy worsted yarn in Aegean. My pattern comes from Rachael at Yarn-a-go-go: There are a few yarnovers and places where I didn't count it right, but it's working out fine now. Plus, it's my first time to make something with a cable. :)

As far as the advent calendar goes, I've been having fun scoping out small things for it. We have a nice reusable one from Target (same style as this one). I'll keep you posted on places to find the littles, but for the pure fact that Zach reads this blog, I will not reveal exact items! LOL

Keep it merry!
<3 Jennifer

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