June 26, 2009

I bike commuted for the first time today! It went well, which I suspect had something to do with Zach and I doing a test run last night to find the best path. It was kind of nice to exert myself a little bit this morning, I'm not dragging my tail yet.

Speaking of dragging tail, I need to get my stuff together sooner every night. I've been staying up way too late. If only each day could be a little longer...

In my infinite wisdom, I decided the best way to get myself to unpack my house would be to set a date for a party. So, I sent invites for a little 4th of July bash. Of course, the house is still 50% in boxes. Even with the week I was off between smart style and here! oof.

I'm going to make spice cake cupcakes for my loverly Zach's birthday, which happens to be tomorrow. :D

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