July 1, 2009

Laaaazy girl.

Today is my day off! w00t! Sleeping in, paying rent, and cleaning house FTW.

Yesterday was less fun than I'd like. My boss had us go to the Get Motivated seminar that was going on, and I feel like 4.5 of the 7.5 hours we were there was a waste of a perfectly good Tuesday. I'm not super-appreciative of thinly-veiled proselytization in any form, so it was an interesting day. To top it all off, nobody in our group won any prizes. Oh well, I guess sometimes you have to dig through the offal to get to the treasure.

I'm getting closer to having my house in shape for Saturday's festivities. Yaaay!!! :D I totally plan on making Pioneer Woman's Mac and Cheese, Chicken burgers with pesto mayonnaise, and vegan lemon cupcakes, among other nom noms.

I've been 2+ days without seeing the darling Zachary, and I'm not going through crazy detox symptoms yet. I imagine this time next week will have me pacing the room and pulling the hair off my arms and face. No, I don't have a problem. ;)

I'm ready to quit being broke. I applied for a couple of part time jobs, hopefully I'll hear back soon. Maybe I can have a garage sale in the later part of the summer.

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