July 29, 2009


Last night, there was the most amazing storm rolling slowly southward. I got to watch the lightning it produced dance from cloud to cloud, lighting up the sky. Amazing. :)

(via flickr)

We also ate Indian tacos, watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, held the drooling smiling butterball that is my adorable niece, and washed clothes.

Today, I'm holding down the receptionist chair at the salon and looking forward to the tasty leftovers that will be my lunchity lunch (garlic shrimp and wheat pasta). Later tonight, I think we're going to a preview of 500 Days of Summer. :) I'm also hoping to score a part time job. I applied for a couple and one called me back, I got my food handler card for it, and hopefully I'll still be wanted. Oh nellie, the extra funds would be good, in addition to letting zach have all the study time he needs.

In other news, The Pioneer Woman will eventually be the death of me, with all her mouthwatering recipes. I found the recipe for her cinnamon rolls and I can practically taste them. I'm looking forward to the happy faces that will be receiving these babies, since the recipe makes several pans. Oh the humanity! :)

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