April 22, 2010

Almost Paradise!

Zach and I secretly like to spend as little time as possible sweating in the kitchen, but want our work to be as tasty and homemade as possible.

-A couple of weeks ago, we made a batch of P-Dub's pizza crust. Half of it became a barbecue chicken pizza, the other half was frozen.
-Last night, Zach whipped up a nice Alfredo sauce with mushrooms, onions and garlic. We saved the leftover sauce. (See where this is going?)
-Tonight, we grabbed some stuff for a salad, a couple of ingredients for Caesar dressing and croutons, and a can of artichoke hearts.

-Last night, we pulled the frozen dough out and put it in the fridge to thaw. After I got home from work today, I unwrapped it and kneaded it back to smooth, then put it in a bowl to rest in a warm place for a while.
-Once the dough was ready, we fired the oven up to 375, stretched the dough onto the pizza pan, spread on the leftover Alfredo, added some mushrooms and spinach from the crisper, and the artichoke hearts (rinsed carefully and squeezed off excess moisture to avoid canned taste). Then, we sprinkled on salt, pepper, garlic powder & Italian seasoning, then added a bunch of Mozzarella.

It baked for probably 25 minutes, then we dug in. It was absolutely wonderful, and made a bunch of "leftovers" way more exciting! ^_^

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