October 10, 2011

Fast (dinner) times in Norman...

I wanted a hot meal in less than an hour tonight, so I turned to her royal tastiness, The Pioneer Woman for inspiration. She made 16 minute beef and bean burritos last July, and I have been craving tex-mex like it's going out of style. So, gathering inspiration and making ingredient substitutions, I marched bravely forward.

It took me more than 16 minutes, but I don't do my prep beforehand, my rice wasn't already cooked, and my meat was frozen. I know, I've gotta quit whining and man up. At least now you're warned.

Burritos of the gods

-1 pound ground turkey
-1/2 diced yellow onion
-2-3 cloves crushed garlic
-salt, pepper, cumin, chili powder to taste
-7oz can mexican-style tomato sauce (I used El Pato brand from the "international" aisle at the store)
-14 oz refried beans
-grated sharp cheddar, to your liking
-1 small can diced green chiles
Optional but so tasty fillings:
fresh salsa/pico de gallo
spanish rice

Cook turkey, diced onions and garlic over medium heat in a skillet, add a little water so it doesn't burn and adhere to the pan. :D If you get a low-fat variety, you likely won't have any fat to drain. Add your spices, half the green chiles and half the tomato sauce, simmer until it's all bubbly and nice. Heat your beans up and add cheese and the other half of the green chiles in a saucepan. Heat up some tortillas and get to work filling them up with your meat and beans plus whatever else you want to pop in there. Once you get them assembled and folded, top with remaining tomato sauce and grate some cheese on them. Let it melt and get all nice (you might need a 375 degree oven to help you here), then serve it to your hungry compadres. They will love you.

Verdict? OM NOM NOM :D

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