October 1, 2011

What I've been up to...

The month of September was very productive, believe it or not! I resolved myself to be less of a bum at home(my housekeeping skills are somewhat lacking), and I seem to respond well to bribery(HA!), so I made a whole list of tasks that I wanted to complete on a dry erase board entitled "The House Cup," along with the desired reward written at the bottom.

The list included things like getting laundry caught up weekly, cooking 3 nights a week, cleaning the bathroom, clearing off the dining table, tidying up the living room, cleaning up my pit of despair guest room, cleaning the fridge, making a donation to the thrift store, taking the cardboard recycling to the recycling center... Stuff like that. Minutiae for some, like ripping fingernails off for a slug like me.

All in all, I'd say the first run was a success. Some unexpectedly good things occurred alongside:
-I've started planning my dinners. It forces me to stick to a plan, to actually buy ingredients for a purpose rather than just chucking random stuff in the cart that eventually spoils. Plus, there's less eating out this way. :)
-I have less laundry sitting around.
-I'm not spending all my pocket money on random thrift store/Target trips! I'm home, taking care of business so I can get my bribe prize at the end of the month! Not like I have pocket money lately, anyway.

My prize this month? A massage and a pedicure. :) I'm so looking forward to this.

Once I get another month under my belt, I can have unexpected company without worrying about being embarrassed by the state of my crazy house.

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